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National HIV Testing Day (NHTD)

06/26/2013 Event

Caribbean American HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

Hepatitis Testing Day

06/26/2013 Event

National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

HIV/AIDS Vaccine Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

2016 National Transgender HIV Testing Day

04/07/2016 Event

National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

03/19/2014 Event

National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

Quality 101 Webinar

12/04/2016 Event

Working Together As A Community to End Disparities

12/05/2016 Event

Discover HIV Navigation Services: A New Model for Patient Navigation

11/21/2016 Event


08/30/2016 Event

HAB Models for Leveraging the RWHAP to Support PrEP Services

10/18/2016 Event

Cultural Competencies for an Aging LGBTQ Population

11/09/2016 Event

FOA – HRSA-17-034: Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Implementation Center for HIV Clinical Quality Improvement

12/05/2016 Event

HIV in Puerto Rico: Implications of the Economic Crisis

11/29/2016 Event

Partners in+care Round Table: Working Alongside Providers & Others

12/05/2016 Event

2015 RWHAP Program Services Report Overview

12/05/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity: Training and Technical Assistance Programs for Resource Dissemination, Improved Data, and Organizational Development

11/22/2016 Event

Leadership Training: Transgender Women of Color Living with HIV

09/27/2016 Event

World AIDS Day

06/27/2012 Event

HIV/AIDS Service Organizations Evolving to Provide Medical Care in the South

11/15/2016 Event

FOA: RWHAP TA Part A Planning Councils/Planning Bodies HRSA-17-031

11/07/2016 Event

Get Ready for 2017 Open Enrollment & Health Insurance Plan Renewals

09/23/2016 Event

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

06/26/2013 Event

Funding Opportunity HRSA-17-032

10/05/2016 Event

Grantee Voices RSR Data: It's Not Just for Meeting Reporting Requirements

09/29/2016 Event

Ryan White and Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

09/15/2014 Event

National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

06/27/2012 Event

Supporting Health Coverage Enrollment for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Clients

06/21/2016 Event

Mobile Health Technologies for a Tech-savvy Generation

07/09/2016 Event

Health Literacy & Health Insurance Literacy: Helping Consumers Access Care and Use Coverage

06/08/2016 Event

Addressing Organizational Barriers to HIV Care: Lessons Learned from AIDS United’s Positive Charge Initiative

06/29/2016 Event

Back to the Basics: Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration

06/29/2016 Event

Utilizing Motivational Interviewing to Engage or Re-Engage Clients in HIV Medical Care

06/28/2016 Event

Improving Access to HIV Care: Lessons Learned from Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating the Indianapolis L2C Model

05/18/2016 Event

Fort Worth: Fiscal Health Regional Training

05/13/2016 Event

Building Client Rapport and Trust – Leveraging Linkage to Care Specialists to Bridge the Patient/Provider Relationship

05/18/2016 Event

Connecting Recently Incarcerated People Living with HIV to Health Coverage and Care

05/09/2016 Event

HRSA National HIV Testing Day

06/23/2016 Event

Preparing for a HRSA Site Visit Fiscal Module: RWHAP Parts C & D

05/12/2016 Event

Addressing Social Determinants of Health among LGBTQ Latino(a) Young Adults

05/24/2016 Event

His Health Focus Group Report Out – Black MSM Patients

05/18/2016 Event

Training of Consumers on Quality Plus

05/25/2016 Event

His Health, Too: Improving Health Outcomes Among Black Transgender MSM

05/18/2016 Event

Health Numeracy

06/09/2016 Event

The 340B Pharmacy Program: An Overview for ASOs and CBOs

05/12/2016 Event

Addressing the Behavioral Health Needs of Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Patients

05/10/2016 Event

His Health Focus Group Report Out – Providers

05/18/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity: Improving Access to Care - Community Health Workers to Improve Linkage and Retention in HIV Care

05/24/2016 Event

Pre–Planning for PrEP Access and Uptake in Non–Clinical Spaces Serving Young Black Gay/Bisexual Men

05/18/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity Webinar: Jurisdictional Approach (Part A/B) to Curing Hepatitis C among HIV/HCV Coinfected People of Color

05/17/2016 Event

Billing Effectively (and Accurately) for Integrated Behavioral Health Services

05/23/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity Webinar: Evaluation TA Center for Jurisdictional Approach (Part A/B) to Curing Hepatitis C among HIV/HCV Coinfected People of Color

05/17/2016 Event

2016 National Latino HIV and Hepatitis C Conference

03/18/2016 Event

Fiscal Health Regional Training - Saint Paul, Minnesota

10/08/2015 Event

NQC Training on Coaching Basics

04/01/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity: Building HIV Care and Prevention Capacity in Southern Metropolitan Areas

05/12/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity: Leadership Training for People of Color Living with HIV

05/10/2016 Event

Fiscal Health Mid-Atlantic Regional Training Newark, NJ

03/08/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity: International AETC

04/04/2016 Event

Training of Quality Leaders

01/11/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity: Part F Dental Reimbursement Program

01/21/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity: Part C Capacity Development

01/21/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity: Building RWHAP Recipient Capacity to Engage PLWH in Health Care Access

01/14/2016 Event

Funding Opportunity: FY16 RWHAP Integrated HIV Planning Implementation

12/10/2015 Event

Training of Trainers Module 1: Introduction to Health Literacy

03/24/2016 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

Grantee Voices: ADR Data Quality and Completeness

05/21/2015 Resource Data and Reporting TA Team

Engaging and Retaining People Living with HIV/AIDS in Oral Health Care: Pocket Guide

04/07/2014 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

Protecting the Health Safety Net: Models to Help Non-FQHCs Prepare for Health Care Reform Implementation

05/13/2013 Resource Mosaica

Program Evaluation: Organizational Effectiveness Series

11/19/2012 Resource CDC

CAREAction: Supporting the NHAS Through HRSA Programming

01/12/2015 News Article HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

What's New @ SPNS: Defeating Stigma and Isolation

04/26/2013 News Article HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

Lunch and Learn

07/03/2012 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

Miriam Hospital Buprenorphine Program Tools

06/03/2012 Resource Miriam Hospital Immunology Center

Increasing Access to Oral Health Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS: The Role of Dental Case Managers, Patient Navigators and Outreach Workers

05/10/2012 Resource Boston University School of Public Health

HIV Treatment Training Slides Update on Starting Early

02/16/2016 News Article AETC National Coordinating Resource Center

Affordable Care Act & Ryan White: Educate and Assist Your Clients

03/22/2013 Curriculum TARGET Center

An Overview of HRSA's Electronic Handbooks for Grant Recipients

10/19/2016 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

Addressing the Healthcare Needs of Transgender Patients

12/04/2015 Resource HRSA

Recommendations for HIV Prevention with Adults and Adolescents with HIV in the United States, 2014

12/12/2014 Resource CDC

Hepatitis Month and HIV Insights

05/09/2014 News Article TARGET Center

Using Your New Insurance Coverage

01/10/2014 Resource U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Outreach/Enrollment in New Health Insurance Exchanges

12/03/2012 News Article Enroll America

Ryan White Part B/ ADAP Procedures Manual, FY 2012

04/15/2013 Resource Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

BESAFE: A Cultural Competency Model for American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians

09/14/2012 Resource National Minority AETC

Red inter-agencias

07/03/2012 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

Community Consultation Meetings: Minority HIV/AIDS Access Issues

05/11/2012 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

Cost and Performance-Based Contracting: A Guide for Ryan White CARE Act Grantees

05/09/2012 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

PBS: How San Francisco Plans to Get to Zero New Infections

04/16/2015 News Article

Speak Up for Your Health! We Are in It Together

05/09/2016 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau, JSI

Basics of Health Coverage Enrollment for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Clients

07/23/2015 Resource ACE TA Center

Online Resource Guide for Enrolling Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Clients in Health Coverage

06/16/2014 Resource ACE TA Center

ACA Update: Awards to HRSA Health Centers for Outreach and Enrollment

07/17/2013 News Article HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

National Monitoring Standards Updates & Schedule of Charges (Sliding Fee Scale)

06/25/2013 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

Expanding Access to Dental Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS: Service Utilization and Costs

12/20/2012 Resource Boston University School of Public Health

ADAP and Medicare Part D – Part I

07/25/2012 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau

Sliding Fee Scale and Cap on Out of Pocket Charges

07/11/2012 Resource HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau