Feedback on Draft 2014 RSR Client Report

Feedback on Draft 2014 RSR Client Report

Event Date: Friday, June 13, 2014 - 5:00pm EDT

Event Type: Deadline or Due Date


HRSA/HAB requests your feedback on the draft 2014 RSR Client Report. Comments are due June 13, 2014 via email or phone at 888-640-9356.

About the Client Report

HAB expects providers to submit the Client Report unless the provider is given an exemption. Requiring providers to upload their own client-level data allows them to confirm that the data accurately reflect their program. Providers will learn how quality data shows the quality of care they provide and how to use that data to improve care. A full explanation of exempting providers can be found in the section Grantee/Provider Relationships and Reporting Requirements on page 2 of the draft.

Purpose of Feedback

RSR reports for CY 2014, due Monday March 30th, 2015 will have a number of changes. The draft for 2014 is issued for reporting entities to review and consider what questions they have reporting. HAB is doing this to elicit FAQs and to help clarify issues during data collection.

See the 2014 Draft Client Report and provide feedback by June 13, 2014 via email or phone at 888-640-9356.

HAB sees the RSR data set and the process of collecting data as a prime opportunity to apply the concepts of Continuous Quality Improvement. HAB moved, and continues to move toward, getting information out to you earlier. We want to get RSR items out to you in time to hear your comments. Also, HRSA wants to help you break your data system changes into manageable segments.

Comment Period

Comments are due June 13, 2014 via email or phone at 888-640-9356. HAB will continue to accept comments and questions but may not be able to respond in the final 2014 document. HAB expects to issue the final 2014 document July 2014.