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  • Two People Go Care
    July 12, 2017
    From the National Quality Center, from an ongoing series of profiles of activities and insights from Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program agencies implementing clinical quality management.When it became a [... more
  • Affinity Health Center Two Women
    June 28, 2017
    Several years ago, we highlighted the multi-year transition of the South Carolina AIDS Service Organization (ASO) Catawba Care to Affinity Health Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).... more
  • HIV Testing Day
    June 1, 2017
    The proportion of HIV-infected individuals who know their status has improved in recent years, demonstrating progress toward the goal of expanded testing to reduce further transmission and link... more
  • Richard Wolitski
    May 10, 2017
    This is a cross-post of an HIV.Gov Blog on SYNC2017 featuring federal agency speakers from across HHS, including HRSA's HIV/AIDS Bureau.May 3, 2017, Richard Wolitski, Ph.D., Director, Office of HIV/... more

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