ACA & Ryan White: 6 Ways to Prepare - Consumers

ACA & Ryan White: 6 Ways to Prepare - Consumers

July 2014
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1. Learn about Insurance

Learn the health insurance basics and see these enrollment assistance tools for Ryan White consumers and programs

2. Understand Reform

Understand ACA and how it affects people living with HIV/AIDS. You also may want to learn about your rights and duties--and find out what's going on in your state.

3. Ask about Changes in Your Care

Ask your primary care doctor how your care might change (eg, can you still go to your current physician and clinic?). Ask your case manager and/or benefits counselor about changes in your eligibility and services under Ryan White. For example, find out whether you are eligible for Medicaid? If you are not eligible for Medicaid, will there be any changes to your Ryan White eligibility and services  Also, ask if subsidies and tax credits are available to pay for insurance in the Marketplace?  

The most important step for Ryan White clients is to learn about coverage options. Talk to your Ryan White case manager, benefits counselor or another member of your clinic team. See these enrollment resources.

4. Explore Your Coverage Options

Talk to a case manager, social worker, benefits counselor, or knowledgeable colleague to explore your coverage options (eg, Medicaid, other health insurance, subsidies and tax credits, services under Ryan White, other public programs). See these enrollment resources.

5. Get Organized

See for ideas on what to do, such as learning about how insurance works, budgeting, and keeping records on your health coverage.

6. Get Involved in Planning

See what's going on in your state Marketplace and seek out planning/advisory activities in your state, especially Ryan White planning groups that are involved in ACA implementation (eg, Planning Councils, state planning groups, collaborative activities with Medicaid). Notably, Ryan White planning groups--and individual grantees--are reviewing their service priorities, allocations, contracts, and budgets as they consider changes in utilization of Ryan White resources in relation to new ACA insurance coverage options and other ACA activities. See guidance from the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau.

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