AHRQ CE/CME Training for Safety Net Providers

AHRQ CE/CME Training for Safety Net Providers

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), HRSA

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These AHRQ training courses provide safety net providers and HRSA grantees with access to 36 free workforce training resources developed by AHRQ’s Effective Healthcare Program (EHP). Access to these CE/CME materials is provided through a web based portal developed by various HRSA offices and AHRQ’s EHP.

Web Portal Features:

  • A user-friendly format, publicly allowing safety net providers, HRSA grantees, and staff to sort the educational materials relevant to their needs using filters such as provider type and/or disease category.
  • Training activities include a pre and post test, and a printable accreditation certificate. Each module is worth 1 CE/CME credit.
  • Professional areas include: Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Dietician, Health Education Specialist, Medical Assistant, and Nurse Practitioner.
  • Clinical areas covered by the modules include, but are not limited to, diabetes management, breathing conditions, digestive system conditions, and HIV/AIDS care.

Anticipated Use and Impact

HRSA staff will be able to view the data/analytics to identify the AHRQ EHP CE/CME resources of greatest interest to safety net providers. HRSA can use this information to determine future technical assistance needs of safety net providers. The expectation is that these resources will strengthen the safety net provider workforce and augment the delivery of high quality health care.

This initiative also provides HRSA with an opportunity to collaborate with AHRQ, in support of HHS's mission and two of HRSA’s 2012 strategic priorities: to strengthen the healthcare workforce and to improve healthcare quality. These two priorities are central not only to HRSA’s work, but also more broadly to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and National Quality Strategy.

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