Building Blocks to Peer Success: Module on Other Activities

Building Blocks to Peer Success: Module on Other Activities

April 2009
Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice

One of the "other modules" for complementing the main Toolkit Guide. Includes activities that help facilitate group interaction and learning, break up the day and bring closure to the training. Intros help to lay out the ground rules and allow participants an opportunity to get to know each other and build trust. Icebreakers help to engage in a participatory manner. Energizers are a fun way to re-invigorate a group after a serious discussion or after a break in the day. Closures allow participants to summarizekey points, review major "take home" lessons, or transition to the next topic. Sections cover:

  • Intros (Expectations-Establishing Group Rules, Five Things In Common. 
  • Ground Rules, Human Scavenger Hunt, Introduction, Line Up, M and M's, My Left Shoe, My Mother Says, Parking Lot and Group Agreements, Participant Introductions, Peer Interviews, People Hunt Bingo, Tattletales, That's Me, The Object, Trading Places, Training Overview, Truth or Fiction).
  • Energizers (Blinking, Breath, Cush Ball Challenge, Heart, HIV Drug Competition, Meditation, Self Care Body Scan, Sing a Song, Stretch).
  • Icebreakers (Animal Activity, Burden Basket, Conocimiento, Life Lines, Out of the Box, The Ups and Downs of Diversity, What's Your Birth Order?, Which Animal Are You?, Words of Wisdom).
  • Closure (Closing Activity, Closing Activity Candle Ceremony, Closing Circle, Connections, Making the Most of My Strengths, Next Steps and Closing, Pat on the Back, Pulling it All Together Wrap Up).

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