CAREWare Technical Assistance Manual

CAREWare Technical Assistance Manual

July 2011
Memphis TGA
Memphis TGA

CAREWare usage manual developed by a Part A grantee, presenting a review of CAREWare, service categories, and procedures for using CAREWare.

Contents include:

  • CAREWare Overview
  • CAREWare General Guidance
  • CAREWare Service Definitions Policy
  • CAREWare Part A Service Category Definitions
  • CAREWare MAI Service Category Definitions
  • CAREWare Resources
  • HAB RSR Technical Assistance
  • CAREWare Tip Sheet
  • Provider Data Policy
  • Provider Data Export Procedure
  • Client Utilization Data Report Policy
  • Client Utilization Report Procedure
  • CAREWare Rapid Service Entry Procedure
  • CAREWare Rapid Amount Received Entry Procedure

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