Day Four @ AIDS2012: Stigma Still?

Day Four @ AIDS2012: Stigma Still?

July 27, 2012
nancy warren, kevin khamarko, lynn wegman, and jeffery beal at their poster

Ryan White—the boy and his mom Jeanne—were a focal point for battles against HIV stigma and discrimination in the U.S. that took place over 20 years ago. They were the victors in many ways. But not all. The topic was everywhere at AIDS2012. Use the search terms "stigma" and "discrimination" in the Programme-at-a-Glance and uncover, respectively, 250 and 146 oral sessions. Poster sessions were equally focused on the matter. Below are highlights from Thursday.

And in 2012, 30 years since the epidemic's beginning, the UNAIDS Director is compelled to call for an end to HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination

Responding: Training and Education

Ryan White's work continues by the program that bears his name, like health provider training through the AIDS Education and Training Centers or AETCs covered in numerous poster sessions. Some highlights over the week:

See the TARGET Center's many resources on topics like cultural competency, and provider training.

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