Health Reform Readiness Index Resources: A Provider Change Guide

Health Reform Readiness Index Resources: A Provider Change Guide

May 2013
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Questions (and tools) for substance abuse providers (with applicability to all safety net providers) to address around the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Accompanying links to implementation tools relate to staffing, organizational operations, service delivery, and more).

  • General (e.g., information sources).
  • Patient/Family Role (engaging patients and families in their care).
  • Evidence Based Treatment.
  • Accountability for Patient Care (e.g., ACOs and Patient Centered Medical Homes, steps to take in eliminating barriers to care).
  • Integrated Continuum of Care (e.g., integrating primary care with substance abuse and behavioral health care).
  • Board of Directors (e.g., involving the board in reviewing health care reform and adjusting to change).
  • Workforce (e.g., workforce development ideas, improving processes, getting staff buy-in to change).
  • Electronic Medical Records (e.g., Health IT Toolbox, assessing hardware and software, confidentiality and security).
  • Holistic Care.
  • Outcomes.
  • Quality Management.
  • Health Technology.
  • Business Information Technology.
  • Finance.

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