Positively!: HIV Self-Management Videos

Positively!: HIV Self-Management Videos

July 15, 2014
Author: Evelyn Bradley
National Quality Center
screen shot of the training videos

This is a comprehensive set of HIV self-management videos, featuring testimonials, conversations, narrative, and animation to provide key messages about HIV and emphasize health literacy concepts. The project is a result of collaboration among people with HIV, providers, health educators, and health literacy and media experts.

Positively! is primarily aimed at newly diagnosed individuals and provides a wide range of information on HIV infection. Positively! is also a valuable education tool for any provider who deals with newly diagnosed individuals or individuals that need assistance/education on managing their HIV infection.

Topics include:

  • Newly HIV-Positive
  • How People Get HIV
  • HIV in the Body
  • How HIV Medicine Works
  • Managing HIV
  • HIV and Real Life (Motivation, Family and Friends, Work, Romance, Emotions, Street Drugs and Alcohol, Homelessness, and Stigma)