Ryan White and Latino AIDS Awareness Day

Ryan White and Latino AIDS Awareness Day

October 13, 2016
Latino AIDS Day

The theme for National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (October 15) is You & I Will Defeat AIDS - Tu y Yo Vamos a Derrotar al SIDA.

Latinos, who comprise 17% of the U.S. population, bear a disproportionate HIV/AIDS burden. In 2013, Latinos represented 23 percent of new HIV diagnoses. Latino men who have sex with men (MSM) represent the majority of Latino HIV and AIDS cases.

Latinos Served by the RWHAP

In 2014, 22.2% of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) clients were Hispanic/Latino. According to the 2014 HRSA client level data report:

  • Hispanic/Latino men had a viral suppression rate (84.5%) that was higher than the national RWHAP average (81.4%) while their retention in care average (82.3% was comparable to the national RWHAP average (80.4%).
  • Latinas had a higher retention in care percentage (86.3%) than the national RWHAP average (80.4%); viral suppression (82.6%) was relatively consistent with the national RWHAP average (81.4%). 

Read about the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program's commitment to Latino HIV/AIDS care, who comprise 22 percent of Ryan White clients.

Ryan White Living History (José: Mucho Orgullo)

TA and Training Resources

Access TA and training resources for Latino populations on the TARGET Center's cultural competency topic pageHighlights include:

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