Ryan White and World AIDS Day

Ryan White and World AIDS Day

December 1, 2015
World AIDS Day

December 1, 2015 is World AIDS Day under the theme: The Time to Act is Now. That is precisely what has been happening for the past 25+ years of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. HRSA, Ryan White grantees, providers and consumers have taken steps to act and to establish a robust and clinically effective HIV care infrastructure and a comprehensive model of HIV/AIDS care focused on populations and individuals hardest hit and most underserved. Below are highlights.

Framework for Quality HIV Care

HRSA has developed clinical care guidelines to guide clinicians in the delivery of high quality care under its AETC clinical training network. Guidelines are further supported by protocols on care delivery for specific populations. Supporting implementation of guidelines and protocols occurs under the HRSA-supported National Quality Center, which provides technical assistance and training to Ryan White agencies to improve the quality of care they deliver. 

Delivering Care Effectively

Agencies funded by Ryan Whitei work to develop common systems for managing data, enhancing quality, and adhering to high standards of care. For their part, consumers work with clinicians and agencies to take an active part in their care. In pursuit of best practices for HIV care delivery, the Integrating HIV Innovative Practices (IHIP) project is turning research and evaluation findings into replicable models, through curricula, training manuals and webcast trainings.

Planning and Decision Making

Planning brings communities together to assess needs, set priorities, and implement services. Improvements in HIV/AIDS care planning are ongoing, like further integration of prevention and care planning.

Responding to Change

Health care reform has expanded access to public and private health coverage. To support Ryan White client access to new coverage options, HRSA is providing technical assistance and training to Ryan White agencies on enrolling and accessing Affordable Care Act coverage for underserved minority individuals through the ACE TA Center. In addition, several HRSA projects are building agency capacity adjust to health care reform changes. An ongoing HRSA project is delivering training to build the fiscal health of Ryan White agencies.

A newer project, the National Center for Innovation in HIV Care, is helping ASOs and CBOs adopt strategies to enhance their operational effectiveness. Additionally, HRSA's National Training and Technical Assistance Center for Contracting with Medicaid and Marketplace Insurance Plans is helping agencies enhance their contracting/third party payment mechanisms. 

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