Ryan White Part A ACA Enrollment Plan

Ryan White Part A ACA Enrollment Plan

August 2013
Phoenix/Maricopa County EMA

This Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation plan was developed by a Part A Ryan White grantee to guide community-wide enrollment of Part A clients in appropriate ACA health care coverage. 

The plan, developed by the Ryan White Part A Program of Maricopa County, Arizona, outlines roles and responsibilities for grantees under Parts A, B, C, D, the Phoenix planning council, providers, clients, CAREWare, and the Cover Arizona/CMS Coalition. The plan also outlines the following four goals and corresponding tasks, responsibilities, due dates, and progress to date.

  • Identify - understand action needed by grantees and providers in terms of data, staffing, and contracting with health plans.
  • Inform - develop messaging and marketing to assist with enrollment.
  • Educate - clients, providers, and planning council members.
  • Enroll - undertake screening and enrollment and track progress.

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