Smoking Cessation and People Living With HIV/AIDS

Smoking Cessation and People Living With HIV/AIDS

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tobacco cessation important for HIV+ patients. Of HIV+ patients enrolled in care from 2006 to 2010, 53% had ever used tobacco (59% females vs. 51% males, 56% black vs. 50% white) (CDC data from HIV Outpatient Study). In contrast, only 19% of the general population currently smoked cigarettes in 2011 (CDC data from National Health Interview Survey).

HIV+ patients are at higher risk of cancer than the general population, both due to tobacco use and also having HIV disease.

Questions For Clinics That Deliver Care Directly

  • How does your clinic promote tobacco cessation among your patients?
  • How does your clinic measure tobacco cessation?

Questions For Umbrella Organizations

  • How do you encourage your providers to promote tobacco cessation?
  • How does your system measure tobacco cessation?