CAREWare: Auto-URN generation in the PDI

CAREWare: Auto-URN generation in the PDI

Thursday, July 5, 2012

From the CAREWare Listserv

An updated version of the PDI template file available that can generate client URNs is available for download: on the CAREWare Wiki

About the new functionality

  • Opening the client table and pressing Ctrl-U will populate the cln_URN_base field with the correctly calculated base URN.
  • This value requires the exp_client table fields cln_first_name, cln_last_name, cln_dob, and cln_gender to be populated first.
  • Cln_gender must be populated with the gender codes that CAREWare uses:
    • 1 - Male
    • 2 - Female
    • 3 - Transgender Unk
    • 4 - Transgender MtF
    • 5 - Transgender FtM
    • 6 - Refused to Report
    • 9 - Unknown
  • This function does not populate the URN suffix, which is used at the 12th character in the full URN.
  • The cln_URN_base field is only designed to assist users in identifing clients and is not used by CAREWare while importing clients with the PDI process. A client's URN will always be calculated during the PDI import process.

If you have any questions regarding this new PDI functionality or encounter any issues within CAREWare, please contact the CAREWare Help Desk.