Care Continuum Learning Collaborative

Care Continuum Learning Collaborative

The Care Continuum Learning Collaborative (CCLC) is a technical assistance and training initiative of HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau that is focused on strengthening and improving the HIV Care Continuum within Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part A jurisdictions. CCLC is using peer-to-peer collaboration to identify, accelerate and amplify efforts by RWHAP Part A grant recipients to improve the HIV Care Continuum.

TA and Training Services

CCLC is being carried out under a HRSA Division of Metropolitan HIV/AIDS Programs cooperative agreement with Abt Associates and its team members from NASTAD and Mission Analytics Group. CCLC’s purpose is to:

  • Affect positive outcomes along the HIV care continuum by providing guidance and technical assistance using a collaborative learning approach and rapid improvement principles and practices.
  • Apply data-driven, evidence-based strategies for improving population-level health outcomes.
  • Scale up interventions to improve HIV outcomes by stimulating action across jurisdictions and among many partners.

CCLC’s expert team includes:

  • HRSA’s HIV/AIDS Bureau Staff
  • Abt Associates
  • Mission Analytics Group
  • Expert Consultants (National Expert Stakeholder Committee and other external experts)

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Michael Costa
Project Director
Abt Associates

LCDR Monique Richards
Project Officer