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Topic: Enrollment Resources for Consumers

Webinars and Training

  • ACE TA Center
    November 2016

    In this webinar, learn why some clients may be particularly hard to enroll in health coverage. ACE TA Center staff describe promising practices to engage hard-to-enroll clients in conversations about coverage and how to document and monitor your engagement with these clients.

    February 2015

    Session covers: premium tax credit reconciliation; claiming an exemption from the individual mandate; and ADAP policies and best practices.

Tools and Job Aids


  • ACE TA Center
    February 2016

    Tax time is here, and some of your clients will need to file for the first time! Share these key messages with your clients to help them get ready.

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
    May 2015

    From Coverage to Care is an initiative to help people with new health care coverage understand their benefits and connect to primary care and the preventive services that are right for them, so they can live a long and healthy life.

  • Enroll America
    May 2015

    Tools, fact sheets and other handouts, and videos to help fill gaps in health insurance literacy among consumers and enrollment assisters.

  • TARGET Center
    March 2014

    Websites with information about the regulatory process, state activities, and resources to support enrollment in Marketplace health plans.